For information on the founding of Grandoresberg, see The History of Alanti.

Grandoresberg is the only civilized settlement known in Alanti. It is connected to it’s parent city, Horkarenberg, by a large planer gate.

The city itself is moderately sized mining town located in a small valley in the Kellesen mountains. The city takes up the majority of the valley, with a large stone wall separating it from the surrounding landscape. Prominent cites in the city include the town hall, the tower of the guard, the orchards, and gate square.

With a permanent population of about 750 people, most residents recognize each other on sight. The population is quite racially varied, with the breakdown being approximately 48% human, 24% dwarf, 11% elf, 7% gnome, 5% half-elf, and 5% other (including, notably, two families of half-giants). Thanks to the successful mining business, and several employment laws tirelessly enforced by town sheriff Jamie Cantalot, unemployment in Grandoresberg is extremely low, consistently staying at ~1%. This has lead to a well to do atmosphere in the city, which the town residents are generally quite proud of.

The major industry in Grandoresberg, and the reason for it’s creation, is it’s mithral mine. Approximately half of all permanent residents of Grandoresberg work for the mine in some capacity, and the booming metal trade keeps the city wealthy. The ore veins have been plentiful enough to keep Grandoresberg populated for the 30+ years of it’s existence, and don’t currently show signs of running out, but it is commonly believed (and dreaded by it’s residents) that if they ever do run out, Grandoresberg would be deserted almost overnight.


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