planer gates

The planer gates used to connect Horkarenberg to it’s satellite cites are impressive feats of magic and engineering.

Morphologically they are great stone ovals built from marble, set vertically in the ground. At 40 feet high at the apex, and 25 feet wide at the base, they are large enough to drive a large wagon through, making transportation of goods easy. The structures themselves are each constructed from 200 stone blocks of varying shape, each with a unique arcane ruin imprinted on the front and back. The central “gate” portion of the gate appears as a fluctuating, water-like surface which appears as a slightly grayed image of the local at the other end of the gate. While light seems to travel through the gates unimpeded (with the exception of the graying effect), no sound travels through.

Functionally, the gates are double sided, with one side being the entrance and the other being the exit. They may be used simply by passing through the gate in the correct direction. If an object attempts to traverse a gate by passing through the incorrect side, they will pass through the barrier unimpeded (so long as someone is not coming through the other side).

An interesting note: because the gates are permanently open, scholars have noted that plants, fungi, and the occasional small animal will accidentally traverse the gate, leading to certain non-native species being introduced to other planes. As the species passing through are normally small and maladapted for the new plane, and because the gates are without exception located in large stone plazas (not particularly suited for plant and animal life), this has not yet been cause for concern. Several urban scavenging species have, however, populated settlements on non-native planes, creating a sort of interconnected multiplaner/urban environment.

planer gates

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