a) No citizen of Grandoresberg of working age (as dictated by town council, varying by race) may remain idle and without permanent employment for a period exceeding 3 months. Persons who do not obey this rule will be stripped of citizenship, disallowing them to own property or to overnight on town land until which point they obtain permanent employment in Grandoresberg. -Amendment: Persons who are the primary caretaker of offspring currently under working age, and are currently married to another resident in possession of permanent employment in Grandoresberg, may remain as citizens without penalty. Offspring need not be related to the caretaker, but must be the immediate offspring of an otherwise employed citizen of Grandoresberg.

b) All citizens of Grandoresberg must have a permanent place of residence, occupying land purchased or leased from the town council, and which is of a non-mobile, solid wall nature meeting minimum requirements.

Persons who repeatedly ignore these rules will be exiled to Horkarenberg until which point they can both secure employment and a permanent residence in Grandoresberg.

c) All persons in Grandoresberg who are not citizens are considered visitors. Visitors are free to do as they will within the city, but may not own property or overnight on town land. Visitors must either leave the city, stay in a residence of a citizen, or stay in a place of business designed to cater to visitors. Visitors may obtain regular employment, sell/trade goods, or otherwise participate in commercial ventures beyond purchasing goods in Grandoresberg only if they overnight in one of the aforementioned locations for a period of no less then 1 week. The visitor must continually overnight in Grandoresberg for the duration they continue to do business.

Persons who are caught ignoring this rule will be banned from any commercial action in Grandoresberg beyond purchasing goods, may face fines, and in extreme cases can face permanent exile to Horkarenberg.


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